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Modern and Fun Guest book Ideas

There is no need for these boring traditional books that no one looks at anymore. Here are fun and unique ways for your guests to enjoy being welcomed to your wedding and also double as adorable home decor after for houseguests to enjoy.

1. Puzzle Pieces

Guests will each sign I piece of the puzzle then on a stay home “date night” you are your spouse can put it together. Makes for really cute wall decor too!

2. Photobook of your Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are fun and really popular now a days but typically most couples only use one or two for their Save the Dates and that is it. Why not get your moneys worth by creating a picture/guest book combo? Really cute idea and this is great to display in your home.

3. Artwork

If you are a couple that loves art or just want your guests to enjoy doing something different at your wedding these pieces are great.  Below is the thumbprint photo where guests leave their prints and initials.  It’s definitely fun but tricky to tell which guest is who.  Makes for a cute wall photo after the wedding.  Another way is to have a blank Canvas with your monogram and have guests sign their names in paint.

4. Wishing Stones

This is such a cute idea and actually something I wanted to do.  However, you have to make sure you find the correct stones you can write on.  I came up with this idea too late for my wedding so as long as you have time you can pretty much find them anywhere (just not in your yard of course).  After guests sign them you can add them to vases and they make a gorgeous centerpiece for your dining room.

5. Wine Corks

In my opinion wine weddings are timeless.  There are so many evolving ways to keep this “vintage” tradition with a modern twist.  I love wine weddings and enjoy creating centerpieces and place cards for them.  If you are the wine lover then this is an adorable, easy, and affordable guestbook.  All you have to do is collect corks as you drink wine.

6. Bench

If your spouse is handy have him build you a bench adn carve your monogram or initials into it.  Then have guests sign right on it.  This is the perfect piece for your backyard or foyer!

7. Game Pieces

Are you a board game loving couple? Perfect idea is to get your favorite game board and have guests sign it.  Every time you have guests over be sure to play the game so they can enjoy all the words of wisdom your guests provided at your wedding.

8. Globe

Couples that love traveling, are from two different countries, or just love globes this is for you.  Guests can sign by where they are from, love to travel to, or where they wish to go.  Any ideas so that you both get great ideas for your future vacations.  Bonus: If there’s enough space have them write their favorite restaurant, hotel, or hangout spot in that area!

9. Sign Hearts

Whether it is hearts, stars, circles, any shape will do, just have a cute shadow box to display them in.  This also makes the perfect piece to display for your friends and family.

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