Step Objective

You want a wedding film that will make you ‘shutter’. Research different videographers in the area to zoom in on one that will capture the essence of you.


Choosing a Wedding Videogapher

Photos are fabulous, but video captures things that photos cannot-like your father's speech, your first dance, and your maid of honor's toast. Don't wait until the last minute. Greate videographers are booked a year in advance.

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Research videographers

A sample video can tell you a lot about a videographer, but not everything you need to know. You only get one chance to capture your wedding day video, so ask key questions before you book.

Book your videographer

Found someone you'd love to film your wedding? Great! It's contract time! Don't forget to include details for any agreements you made in writing. Draw up a contract, then sign.


There are many different videography styles and techniques. Here are some questions to ask potential videographers to help you decide what you’re looking for.


What the videographer's style?

Artsy, documentary, or movie-esque? Does this work with what you want?


Has the videographer worked with your photographer before?

How does the videographer coordinate with a wedding photographer? (This is really important!)


Has the videographer done many weddings?

What’s his approach when it comes to filming a wedding? (This clues you in to experience and philosophy.)


Have they filmed at your location before?

Have they ever shot a wedding at your ceremony and/or reception site? If so, can you see that clip?


Who will shoot your wedding?

Will the videographer you’re speaking to be the one who will shoot your wedding?


Is there any time constraints?

How many other weddings is the videographer doing on your wedding day or weekend? (Make sure there is no time constraints.)


What kind of equipment do they have?

What king and how many cameras and microphones will the videographer use? (Sound is a huge differentiator in quality.)


How do they stay unobtrusive?

How does the crew stay unobtrusive during the ceremony and key moments? (Are there extra light? Are there subtle or obvious?)


How do they charge?

How does the videographer charge? Are there packages? (Ask for a price list)


How long till you get the finished product?

How long will it take to get a finished product? (Many videographers need at least a couple of months to edit and package the final video.)


Videographers don’t just press play on a camera. Use these tips to help you find and work with a videographer that will capture your special day, the way you want it captured.


Do your homework

Set aside a couple hours to research videographers. And don’t just watch highlights reels. Take the time to watch entire videos to get a feel for the way they tell the story of a couples wedding day.


Double coverage

If you hire your photographer and videographer separately, ask that they meet before the wdding to coordinate shooting styles and strategies. If they’ve worked together before, that can be a bonus. But don’t assume that their quality will be the same; interview each progessional separately. If you’re pressured to hire them as a team and it makes you uncomfortable, look elsewhere. Above all else, it’s most important that you feel comforatble with your team of pros.


Keep it short

No one (expect your mom) wants to spend 4 hours wathicng your wedding video. Keep the edited film to around 30 minutes. Also, ask about getting an even shorter, 5 or 10 minute vdersion of your wedding video – a “highlights” reel from the wedding day-to show the rest of your friends and family. Many videographers include that option in their packages.


Ways to save

Consider having only the ceremony filmed. Fargo complicated editing (but you’ll want at least minimal editing to make the clip more watchable-otherwise, you’ll end up with 4 to 8 hours of loose video, some of which is not so interesting.) Opt for a single camera. Just don’t ask Uncle Bob to do it (unless he’s a cinematographer!).


Be heard

Discuss where and how you’ll be miked for the ceremony; also make sure it’s okay with your officiant. Without mikes, you won’t hear the vows or those memorable toasts from friends and family.


Don't micromanage

Yes, you should let your photographer and videographer know beforehand if there are certain photos you want (like a shot of you and your grandmother or your favorite aunt). But leave it up to your photo pro on the day-of to take care of the rest. If you’ve hired reputable people, they won’t need to be provided with a two-page spreadsheet of every combination for family portraits. The same goes for styling. It totally throws a photographers creative approach when a bride or groom insists on managing each and every shot. Leave it up to your photographer and videographer to get those incredible moments. That’s why you hired them.

Videographers near Rochester, MN

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Ambient House Productions

Rochester, MN, United States
We love storytelling. It’s the driving force behind everything we create. We pride ourselves in giving you more than just a recap or highlights.

Dan West Films

Minneapolis, MN, United States
Hey there! I’m Dan and my passion is making films and telling authentic story. I’ve been doing it ever since I was young, and professionally for the past 4 years.

Step Objective

You want a wedding film that will make you ‘shutter’. Research different videographers in the area to zoom in on one that will capture the essence of you.

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