Step Objective

Research important factors and questions to ask when looking for a venue. Find a few you like and add them to your wishlist.



Your wedding-day transportation is more than just a way to get you from point A to point B; it's an opportunity to make a statement. When it comes to deciding on your car, look for a ride that matches (and even enhances) your wedding-day style.

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For your Rochester engagement session, the possibilities are endless to snap some amazing photos with your partner.

Make a transportation plan

Consider both luxuries (such as limos for you and your families) and essentials (like parking). Then outline what it is you need, do your research and narrow down your options.

Meet with transportation companies

It's tempting to book online, but try to go in person to see the vehicles. Use our search to find transportation companies.

Book transportation

Make your final decision on what vehicles you'll use and how many you'll need. Draw up a contract and sign -- only after double-checking all the important details, like the date and time.


Here are some of the basic questions you should ask your limo and car companies.


What are my options?

What car types, sizes, and colors are available? How many people can comfortably fit into one?


What are the Amenities?

Do they come with any amenities like TV, bar, sunroof?


Do they have any special packages?

If the company specializes in weddings, you may get perks such as ballons or champagne flutes.


Is the company a member of the National Limousine Association?

Or another professional assocation if you’re renting a trolley or bus.


Do they offer discounts?

If you contact for multiple cars, can you get a group discount.


Are there any additional expense?

Are you respinsible for the cost of gas or mileage, or do the cars come with a set amount of free gas and miles?


What do the drivers wear?

It may or may not matter to you whether it’s formal clothing, but you should still ask so he doesn’t show up in jeans.


Copy of operting license and certificates?

Can you see a copy of the operating license and insurance certificates?


Transportation can play an essential role in your wedding, here are some tips for when you’re ready to search for and decide what kind of transportation you need and want.


Figure out who to transport

Your first step is to take a head count. For many weddings, that means the bride and groom, attendants, both sets of parents, siblings not in the weddings party, and grandparents. Some couples also provide for special relatives and out-of-towners. You’re not required to provide transportation for the entire wedding party all night – you just need to make arrangements so that no VIP gets stranded. If you’re nervous about guests getting lost (or enjoying themselves too much), a party bus can be a fun and practical option for the day.


Plan the ride to the reception

It’s traditional to duck into a dream ride for the jaunt over to the reception, either together or with your wedding party. If you go together, don’t forget those you rode with to the ceremony, and make sure to arrance their car. Either way, have your photographer ride with you. Those in-car shots are a total classic.


Don't make them wait

You may be able to arange for just pickup or drop-off service, so drivers won’t be sitting around (and getting paid) during the ceremony and reception.


Beware holiday and prom time

If your wedding falls during the holidays or graduation season, you may want to book 5 or 6 months before your wedding date.


Give directions

Prepare a call sheet with every name, pickup and drop-off address and time, and detailed directions. Also include an emergency contact number in case the driver gets lost. On a related note, including a map and driving insctructions to your venue on your wedding website so that guests have easy access. You might even want to include it in your welcome baskets.

Transportation near Rochester, MN

Find a venue you like? Simply add your favorites to your wishlist and move on to the next step.

Northfield Lines, Inc.

32611 Northfield Blvd, Northfield, MN 55057, United States
You and your wedding party will arrive and depart in style aboard one of our deluxe motor or minicoaches. Our fleet includes 30 to 56 passenger deluxe moto

Rochester Trolley & Tour Co.

972 14th Ave SW, Rochester, MN, United States
Your special occasion deserves unique transportation provided by the Trolley! Have fun cruising around town with your friends and family after your wedding

Step Objective

Research important factors and questions to ask when looking for a venue. Find a few you like and add them to your wishlist.

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