Step Objective

Research wedding photography styles and tips to develop ideas for what you want, then book a photographer. They need exposure too.


Your Wedding Photographer

Your photos shouldn't just be beautiful, they should tell the emotional story of your day--from the look on your guests' faces as you walk down the aisle to your let-it-all-hang-out last dance. Review the provided information and tips, and then find a photographer.

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Research photographers

Your photographer will be with you throughout the entire wedding day, so needless to say, they should be someone who you really click with.

Meet with photographers

You should absolutely love the person you hire. Ask friends with fantastic photos for recommendations and use our photographer finder to narrow it down to your top three options. Start by using our photographer search.

Book your photographer

Now that you've met with a few, it's time to make a decision and book. Call references first (it can't hurt to double-check), then request a contract and review it for all the critical points.

Wedding Photography Styles You Need to Know

Choosing who will photograph your wedding is its own style decision — just like picking your colors or venue. Learn what your options are to help you decide what you want.


Remember the wedding portraits of your parents that had all their relatives? That’s what traditional wedding photography style is all about. The poses of the couples and relatives are organized by the photographer and shot in static locations. This is the oldest form of wedding photography that has been around for quite some time. It is very easy to find a photographer that does this kind of photography.


Illustrative wedding photography encompasses elements of both traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography. The photographer takes candid shots but manipulates the situation when he can. He can alter the lighting, background and suggest actions for the couples to carry out.


You see those wedding shots that revolve around the brides wedding dress and other fashion items at the wedding? That is a fashion wedding photography style. Fashion wedding photography focuses more on the attire of the couples. It involves the manipulation of lighting by the photographer to create a more dramatic presentation in the photograph. This kind of photography is ideal for a bridal and engagement sessions where the photographer is more involved and there is more set-up to capture the couple’s attire.


Editorial wedding photography is similar to the type of photography you would find in a glossy magazine: clean, smooth, with attention to details of the day. The photographers who do this kind of shoot might have had experience working for a high-fashion magazine as they create images similar to what’s obtainable there. The lighting, mood, scene and pose required for this kind of photography is always regulated by the photographer. It varies from traditional wedding photography or reportage Wedding and focuses on creating an exquisite reflection of the wedding using soft light.


There’s probably a certain degree of overlap between fine art and fashion wedding photography, but whereas fashion wedding photography can be more appropriately described as ‘stylish’, fine art wedding photography is ‘beautiful’. And romantic. These are the kinds of photos that will see the bride and groom shine as stars in the deliriously gorgeous film of their love affair.


Rather than spend hours marshalling the bridal party and wedding guests into lines with more efficiency than a German factory foreman, documentary wedding photographers are much more like snipers. Unobtrusive, they blend in, shooting unnoticed and capturing the moments from a wedding day that might otherwise be forgotten or missed. It’s a more informal and intimate approach to wedding photography, and one that plenty of people are coming to prefer.


Follow these steps to locate the perfect shutterbug to document your special day.


What type of style do they shoot?

What’s the photographer’s primary style – traditional posed shots and portraits or photojournalism? (You need to see his work to find the real answer to this question. Many are truly good at both.)


What is their philosophy?

What’s the photographer’s philosophy about shooting weddings? (This will give you an idea of her expertise and passion for her work, too.)


How independent is the photographer?

Do they prefer that you describe exactly what you want, or would they rather be given free rein to capture the festivities in the way they see fit? (This is a matter of how you two will work together.)


Has the photographer done many weddings?

You want someone who’s experienced with how a weddings works so that key moments aren’t missed.


Do they have any time constraints?

Will the photographer be shooting any other weddings on your wedding day? (You don’t want them to have any time constraints.)


How will you first be shown pictures?

How will you first be shown picture? (Usually it’s an online gallery of proofs through their website.)


How does the photographer determine price?

How does the photographer determine price? Is it a flat fee, based on the amount of editing time, or a combination of both?


What exactly is included in the fee?

What exactly is included in the fee?


How many hours?

How many hours of coverage do you get?


Follow these steps to locate the perfect shutterbug to document your special day.


Get Behind The Scenes

Choose a photo pro you feel extremely comfortable about inviting backstage. Some of the most beautiful wedding moments are those that happen while the bride is dressing, where the family is waiting, or when the couple steals away for a kiss.


See An Actual Album

Look at lots of pictures online from previous weddings the photographer has shot to see if they connected with the couple and really captured their day. If possible, also ask to see an unedited gallery – the shots the photographer took before the couple chose the ones they wanted. (This is the photographer’s work in the raw.)


Let Guests In On It

If you order prints for family and friends, be sure everyone knows the price per print – or prepare to tack on additional fees to your final tab! Order parents’ and guests’ albums and prints at the same time as your own.


Album Options

Albums are a critical momento, but they are expensive, so you want to get it right. Ask who deisngs the layout (you, them, a combo), number of pages in your album, and whether you can choose the images.


Trust Your Photographer

Trust your photographer to keep on schedule, to frame the shots, and to know what will look best – remember, that’s why you hired them!


Ignore The Camera

When you’re taking your portraits, focus on each other rather than on the camera. Whisper an inside joke or recall your first date. You’ll get much more natural expressions than by simply saying “cheese.”


Streamline Family Photos

Don’t waste time trying to get every last combo of grandparents, siblings, and cousins. Instead, put together a list of must-have family shots (like the two of you with immediate family), and then take one big family photo.


Cover Your Bases

Don’t get carried away, but provide your photographer with a top-five list of poses or moments you want is a good way to guarantee you get the photos you’re hoping for. Show actual examples to help guide.


Don't Sweat The Little Things

While it’s totally fine to show your photographer the types of shots you like, it’s more important that you’re flexible the day-of. So if it rains, grab umbrellas, and trust your photographer to find the right shot.

Photographers near Rochester, MN

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Alexandre Mayeur

Rochester, MN
Alexandre Mayeur is a wedding photographer from Rochester and Twin cities servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Minneapolis, Saint-Paul,

Eric Vest Photgraphy

Minneapolis, MN, United States
While capturing those little moments of love and natural emotion, I am committed to serving you on your big day and making your wedding as stress-free and as fun of an experience as possible!

Step Objective

Research wedding photography styles and tips to develop ideas for what you want, then book a photographer. They need exposure too.

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