Step Objective

Make room in your schedule to bloom some arrangement ideas by researching local florists. Put the ‘petal’ to your ‘mettle’.


Flowers & Decor

The time you devote to planning your decor depends largely on your ceremony and reception visions. If you want minimal decor, it's okay to hire 6 months out. Full-on event design should be booked as soon as you secure your venue 9 to 12 months out.

Latest Inspiration


Save flower photos

Look at and save photos of bouquets, centerpieces and little flower details you love. That way you'll know what type of florist you want. Plus, you'll have something to share with her when it comes time to hire her. See gorgeous ideas in our wedding flower photo gallery.

Research florists

When you meet with potential florists, you'll want to start by talking through your overall vision. Be prepared to show photos -- that way you can be sure your version of "simple" or "glam" meets hers.

Meet with florists

You want to find someone you trust to make the right floral decisions -- someone who instinctively knows what will look good together. Once you've narrowed it down to two or three, meet in person. Use our florist finder to get started.

Book your florists

Once you've read through your floral proposals and met with your top picks, book your favorite. Before you sign, review the proposal and contract carefully to ensure it includes all of the ideas you talked about. Read The Other Proposal so you have your bases covered.


Here are some great questions to ask your florist, they stem from experience.


Can you see photographs of past work?

Real bouquets an arrangements will give you a better idea than photos that aren’t of the florist’s actual work but show things that the florists says they can do.


Does the florists seem knowledgeable?

Does the florists seem knowledgeable, offering suggestions for less-expensive alternatives if needed or for the best flowers for the season in which your wedding will be held and so on.


Has the florists done weddings at your ceremony and/or reception site before?

They may have pictures of arrangements done at your site and will be knowledgeable about what size, shapes, and colors work in the space.


Will the florist simply drop flowers off or spend time?

Will the florists simply drop flowers off for you wedding, or will they spend time at the sites setting up and making sure everything is in order? (You’ll pay more for a full-service florists, but you get what you pay for.)


Does the florist offer any rental items?

Does the florist offer any rental items – vases, potted plants, arches, trellises, candelabras, urns? Or must you get those things from a rental company?


How do items get returned afterwards?

Will the florist pick up all their cases the following day? (Make sure you have made arrangements with your venue.)


If you want some help when considering everything floral, here are a few tips to help you get started.


Find your match

Some florists specialize in tall, lush, ornate centerpieces, while others are better at modern, minimalist arrangements. If they can’t show you work that matches the aesthetic you’re after, keep looking.


Way to save

The expense of flowers is always a surprise. To adjust your budget, be flexible (some flowers cost $15 a stem, some cost $5); choose low-labor designs; and work with vessels that your florists already has in the warehouse and can reuse for future events.


Don't go DIY on your flowers

We’ve heard too many horror stories of brides frantically calling florists the day before their weddings because of a DIY wedding-flower project gone awry. Flowers have to be properly treated and require a ton of labor, so unless you are going completely casual, save your creativity for the favors!


Trust your florists

Hire someone you trust to make the right floral decisions – someone who instinctively knows what will look good together. Don’t obsess or micromanage – you hire your florists to create beautiful arrangements according to your vision, and that’s exactly what they will do.


Show don't tell

Your florists isn’t a mind reader. Bring your inspiration boards, a bridesmaid-dress fabric swatch, and/or a photograph of the wedding gown when you go to sit down with them to talk about your vision.


Pick a palette

If color is the most important thing to you, just give your florists guidelines and let them choose the most appropriate (and gorgeous) flowers available at the time of your wedding. This is also a great way to save money, as your florists will be able to swap in less-expensive flowers for ones that will fir the palette.


Choose hearty blooms

If your wedding will be in a very humid climate – especially if it’s outside – certain flowers will wilt before you say your vows. Ask your florists which ones can withstand your weather. If you had your heart set on a particular bloom that won’t hold up, ask your florists to recommend something similar.


Keep an open mind

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Top floral designers are including elements such as succulents, herbs, berries, fruits, and grasses in arrangements. The look is modern, unique, and definitely worth considering!


Have a timeline in mind

Coordinate personal-flower delivery times with the arrival of the photographer-you’ll want the flowers to be worn or held in formal pictures.



Make sure its not to loud

Have you ever attended an event at a venue that was so loud, it was hard to hear others, causing you to strain your hearing and lose your voice, all in one night? That’s caused by poor acoustics. Acoustics is just a fancy word for how sound travels through the venue. A low ceiling will make the venue seem cozy, but it will make it louder if it’s packed. Alternatively, a large warehouse-style venue will result in echoes, or what architects refer to as “reverberation”.

Browse Color Schemes

The colors you choose for your wedding day can come from anywhere – it’s all about discovering the best reflection of your style. Maybe you have one color in mind, but are wondering what combinations will create a harmonious palette.

Browse Colors

Florists near Rochester, MN

Find a florists you like? Add them to your wishlist

Fox & Fern Floral

615 6th Ave NW, Rochester, MN, United States
Fox & Fern Floral is an event based studio in Rochester, MN that takes a limited number of events per year to give each client a focused and unique experie

Sargent’s Floral

1811 2nd Street Southwest, Rochester, MN, United States
Sandy has always been creative in the arts, specifically decorating and gardening. Working in Floral Design was a natural job choice for her.

Step Objective

Make room in your schedule to bloom some arrangement ideas by researching local florists. Put the ‘petal’ to your ‘mettle’.

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