Step Objective

Band together to search for a sound that beats the competition, you don’t want a DJ that is ‘treble’.


Reception Music

If it's done right, music will energize your celebration, heighten the romance, and inspire guests to get down on the dance floor. Start your reception music plans with these helpful hints and tricks.

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Book your band or DJ

Decide which band or DJ you love and request a contract to reserve your date. If you have questions, ask. You should be absolutely comfortable with the contract before you sign on the dotted line.

Book ceremony musicians

Now that you've had a chance to listen and meet with your ceremony musician options, decide whom you want to go with. Request a contract, read it carefully, and then book them to reserve the date.


Besides the inevitable question of what music they have, here are many more great questions to ask your potential DJs.


What's the band's signature sound?

What’s the band’s signature sound? Find out what type of music they consider their forte.


Does the DJ specialize in a certain type of music?

Does the DJ specialize in a certain type of music – Top 40, swing, jazz, country – or does he offer a variety of genres? Can you see a sample playlist?


Is the band or DJ willing to mix it up a bit?

Play some standards in addition to the typical rock dar, for example? Can traditional standards, such as the hora or tarantella, be played if requested?


Are they willing to learn new songs?

If there’s a song you want played and the band isn’t familiar with it, are they willing to learn it?


How do they feel about a request list?

How does the DJ or band feel about a request list?


How much room will they need?

How much room with the band or DJ need?


Do they bring the equipment?

Does the band or DJ bring equipment (amps, mikes, and so on), or would you need to supply it?


How much time do they need to set up?

How much time before the recpetion would the band or DJ need to set up?


Minimum amount of time?

Is there a minimum amount of time the band or DJ will play?


What will they wear?

What will the band or DJ wear?


What is the overtime policy?

What is the overtime policy? Is the charge per hour or half hour?


There is actually more than you might think when considering DJ options, here are some things to consider that you might not have thought of.


Size it up

Consider the size of your reception room and your crowd. An intimate space is not going to fit Jerry Jones & His Orchestra. A 3-piece combo may not cut it for a guests list of 400. A good rule of thumb: at least a 6-piece band for groups of 100 people or more.


Think of your guests

Maybe you love indie alt-rock music, but what about Grandma and Grandpa? Be sure the band or DJ can play some Sinatra and Cole Porter Standards, too.


Ask for a musical mix

Want your 15-year-old cousin, 50-year-old aunt, and 75-year-old gramps to dance together? Focus on variety. Ask your musicians or DJ to play songs that span several decades-from big-band standards to Justin Timberlake.


Save your songs for later

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have your music played at the reception. It’s just that there’s a time and a place, depending on the music genre. As the evening progresses and curfew-bound relatives start to say good-bye, feel free to rock to dance floor with your favorite age-appropriate songs.


Time it right

Bands and Djs are typically contracted for 4 of 5 hours, but if you think your reception mighjt last longer, book them up front. Decide that night and you could incur steep overtime fees.


Find out about noise restrictions

Check with your reception-site manager. There may be time-of-day restriction on music or limits on noise levels. This especially the case with outdoor receptions.


Plan your special songs and dances

Your DJ or band will want to know how to handle the key dances. We’re talking about your first dance, last dance, and parent dances. To save time (and get to the partying), you might consider doing your parents dances at the same time or cutting some of the songs short.


Make sure you have a n emcee

If you want the bandleader or DJ to announce the wedding party and the events of the reception, be sure they have the necessary information. Write down all names (with pronunciations)_, roles, and relation to you. If you don’t want the entertainment to make announcements, be sure the bandleader knows that, too. That said, you’ll probably want someone to announce the bridal party entrance, cake cutting, first dance, and dinnertime.


Get the best of both worlds

If you can afford it, hire a DJ to spin while the band is on break (and to be your emcee), or divide the evening into two portions: a band for the reception and a DJ to spin at the after party!


Trust your musicians

You can give them a playlist but don’t try to micromanage the music. Let your DK or band figure out the best way to mix the music and just enjoy the party.

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Step Objective

Band together to search for a sound that beats the competition, you don’t want a DJ that is ‘treble’.

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