Step Objective

Save the large celebration for the wedding, but find a small way to treat yourself; you just planned your wedding!


The big day & beyond

As you'd expect, the last 14 days before your wedding can be a total blur! Between all the seemingly countless details, you might wonder how it's all going to get done. Use these tips and tricks (and just breathe!)

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Address your invites

Once you have them in hand, you still may have a few more steps to go. Send them to your calligrapher if you've hired one and then package them up. Host an invite-stuffing party if it helps!

Mail your wedding invites!

Get them out by the two-month mark. If you don't want the post office to add a giant stamp across the front of the envelope, you can ask to have them hand-canceled.

Finalize ceremony readings

Narrow down your favorites and shorten longer selections (in total your readings should be about four to five minutes long). Then send to your readers so they can get familiar with it.

Work on the seating chart

The RSVPs should have started coming in (if they don't, pick up the phone).

Create a weekend timeline

This is critical, especially if you don't have a wedding planner to do it for you. Take your time and be thorough with the details. Then send it out to the bridal party and make lots of extra copies!

Have a communication game plan

Should anything big come up unexpectedly, there should be a way to communicate changes in plans to your guests. It may sound old-fashioned, but a classic phone tree will do the trick. Spread the word through your wedding party and immediate family members so information can quickly travel to all your guests.

Finish your ceremony programs

If you're making them yourselves, have a few friends over and finish them up. If you ordered them, get them in hand and assembled. You're getting close!

Mail the rehearsal dinner invites

If you didn't send them along with the wedding invitations, mail them out soon after so your guests can firm up their travel plans. This is your chance to give anyone you want to speak at the rehearsal a heads up too.

Buy or make a day-of emergency kit

You'll be much more at ease if you have a plan for small things that might go wrong. Put your maid of honor in charge of keeping a kit filled with quick-fix essentials.

Finish shopping for the honeymoon

Plan ahead and you'll avoid having to pick up last-minute, overpriced items in the hotel gift shop. But don't forget to save some space for things you'll want to buy while you're on your honeymoon too.

Confirm payments with vendors

Make sure you've paid up with your pros (or have agreed on a final payment plan) so it's not hanging over your head during the honeymoon. Go over the schedule and give them day-of contact info too. Think you missed something?

Get married!

Take a deep breath. The day is finally here. No more ribbons to tie or lists to tend to. Your job is to relax, have fun and be married!

Finish thank-you cards

Ideally, you should get them out within two months of the wedding.

Submit your wedding

Once you get your wedding photos back, share them with us. Have your photographer submit them to us for a chance to be on Bride Walk


Some useful reminders and tips on your big day.



The closer your wedding day gets, the more responsibilities and contact with wedding professionals you should assign to attendants and family. Trust us, you’ll be busy, so it’s best to plan ahead and delegate!


Do it now

Bite the bullet and create the seating chart so that you can hand it off to your reception-hall manager or caterer at least a week before the wedding. Decide where to post the directory (or display of table cards) to inform each guest where to be seated.


Take notes

Prepare a day-of package for each vendor with any last-minute requests. Also include items they will need on the actual day, in case they forget their copies (for example, the song list for the DJ, special food requests for the caterer, a shot list for the photographer.


Dress up

Several days before your wedding, try on your entire ensemble one last time. Carch any dangling threads or last-minute alterations that are needed on the dress. Confirm the comfort of your underclothes and shoes – don’t hesitate to buy replacements.


Be generous

Don’t let your gifts for your wedding party, parents, or each other get left off the list because of lack of time. Last-minute gift ideas include bottles of fine wine, flowers, or gift certificates to favortie restaurants.


Meet and greet

Leave a nice welcome note at the hotel for each guest who has traveled to attend your wedding. Have a list ready of who is arriving, when, and where (including phone numbers) in case you are absolutely swamped by some prewedding emergeny.


Check the weather

If you’re marrying in winter or summer, keep potential blizzards and heat waves in mind and plan accordingly (for example, make sure the church parking lot will be shoveled; double-check the air-conditioning at the reception hall.)


Call to confirm

When you call each vendor the day before the wedding, make sure to confirm that they have the address and directions to the site, your day-of contact information, and the name of their point person durring the wedding. If they sound confused about any of the above information, put it in writing for them and email it. (We know we’ve been through all this before, but we can’t stress enough the importance of this last-minute attention to detail._ Also confirm phone numbers.


Don't be a perfectionist

Things are bound to go wrong – what you can control is how much you let it bother you. Those tend to be some of the most spontaneous moments, anyways.

Manage Your Vendors

Now that you’ve gone through the timeline, if you haven’t already go to your Wishlist and mark the vendors you want as Booked.

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Calculate Your Budget

It is important to set a budget that does not become a financial strain on you or your family. We will provide tools and tips to set and stay within your budget.

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Step Objective

Save the large celebration for the wedding, but find a small way to treat yourself; you just planned your wedding!

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